Craft distilling is one of the most recent alcohol manufacturing licenses to be adopted by the state of New jersey.  We have a very positive economic development potential for the state that results in a positive impact for the communities statewide. Craft distilleries attract visitors from within our own state and other states and keep them coming back by fostering a unique and enjoyable experience.  Nationally, since craft distilleries have emerged, they have been responsible for almost double the growth of the spirits industry nationwide.

The NJ Craft Distillers Guild represents over half of the craft distilleries currently open and operational within the State. We’re asking your help to get our messages to legislators and get their support .  A list of legislators can be found at Please help us build a grassroots movement by writing, calling or emails your legislators and letting them know that you support legislation that includes the following:

  • Removal of out-of-state delivery prohibition in our statutory law
  • Delivery parity with New Jersey craft breweries
  • Easing of our tour requirements
  • On-site sale of “virgin” cocktails, pre-packaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Allow coordination with food trucks and restaurants

You can view some of the current legislative efforts in process by searching NJ Senate bill S3020 and NJ Assembly bill A4908 at